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Container Services Uk Ltd

25 - Jun - 2014

Container Services


Waste Container Repairs & Refurbishment UK


Welcome To Container Services UK Ltd

Since 1988 Container Services UK Ltd (formerly FRC Services) has been providing cleaning, repair and respraying services to waste and recycling containers of all different types and sizes for municipal authorities and private companies alike. Operating from a midlands base throughout England & Wales, we are able to offer a wide range of site based and in house services.

Coming from a background in the oil industry, director Richard Bracewell acquired the company in 1993 and immediately set about enlarging on the company's activities, and setting the trend towards offering refurbishment work to a much higher standard than was common within the industry at the time. Container Services UK Ltd have been at the forefront of developing repair techniques and damage limiting modifications used in the repair of both metal and plastic containers that have in a number of cases become accepted as standard practice within the industry.

Waste Container Repairs UK & Waste Container Refurbishment UK

Following our recent move to larger premises we have changed our name and trading status and have significantly increased our in house refurbishing capacity, and are now able to process up to 600 containers per month to the same high standards we have always produced. We continue to offer a wide range of site based services with the emphasis on flexibility and quality in order to satisfy our customers varying needs.

As members of the Guild of Mastercraftsmen we take our commitment to the ongoing delivery of high quality services seriously, whilst remaining mindful of the need to meet our customers individual requirements and budgetary constraints.


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