Environmental Accreditation

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Accredited Waste Carrier (Upper Tier Carrier Dealer)

The Company also has a planned timetable for commencement of the process of acquiring full accreditation for ISO 14001.




Container Services UK Ltd (“the Company”) recognises its duties with regard to environmental protection. To ensure the Company’s objectives are achieved the Company will employ environmental management systems, the scope and detail of which will be appropriate to the risks identified. Procedures and controls will be developed and implemented to reduce risks to an acceptable level and periodic Audits and Inspections undertaken to monitor standards of environmental performance.
The Company is committed to the continual improvement of our environmental performance and to minimising any adverse effects on the local environment and to maximising the positive effects on the communities where we work; and to minimising any adverse effects on the wider environment by minimising or conserving the use of natural resources, handling raw materials and disposing of waste responsibly, and reducing and preventing pollution to air, water and land. Where possible and practical raw materials, products and services will be sourced from sustainable, environmentally responsible, sources and the positive environmental performance of our products and services will be maximised through careful product design and project planning and execution.
The Company is committed to complying with and where appropriate improving or exceeding the requirements of applicable Environmental Protection Legislation and Regulation. Through all aspects of the Company’s activities environmental protection legislation, standards, permits, consents and licences, etc must be complied with. These legal requirements determine the minimum standards expected by the Company and the Company will provide sufficient training, information and guidance to enable employees to work in accordance with this Policy.
The Company believe that effective management of environmental issues is essential to ongoing business success. All functions contribute to the Company’s environmental performance and it is the Management Team who is ultimately responsible for delivering environmental performance. Our objective must be to operate in a manner that maximises our contribution to sustainable development by meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

All employees and sub-contractors working for the Company have personal responsibility to carry out their tasks giving due regard to any environmental implications. Employees and sub-contractors are required to be mindful of the nature of their work activities and how they might negatively impact on the local and wider environments. To be effective, this Policy requires the involvement and full co-operation of everyone. Should there be any uncertainty all employees and sub-contractors must consult with their manager before continuing.