Health & Safety Accreditations


Health & Safety Accreditations

CHAS (accreditation process in progress)
The Company also has a planned timetable for commencement of the process of acquiring full accreditation for OHSAS18001




Container Services UK Ltd (“the Company”) considers the health, safety & welfare of its employees, sub-contractors and others who may be affected by our operations and activities is of paramount importance. Health and safety is a core business value which must not be compromised to achieve any other business objective.

In all aspects of the Company’s activities, we will take all reasonable practicable steps to meet or exceed our responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work, etc Act 1974 and its associated legislation, Regulations, Approved Codes of Practice, Guidance Notes and other industry best practices. In addition there are a number of definitive company policies and procedures; together these determine the minimum standards expected by the Company. Higher levels of performance will be pursued where reasonable and there will be the closest co-operation with representatives of the Health & Safety Executive.
To ensure that the Company’s objectives are achieved, it will employ safety management systems that include the systematic identification of hazards, the assessment of any associated risks, and the development of safe working methods to eliminate or reduce the risks to an acceptable and manageable level. Audit and inspection programmes will be employed to monitor safety management standards in the works and out on site and their effectiveness, adherence to the law, Company Policies, and local site Procedures.

The Company’s Management recognises that they have ultimate responsibility for health and safety. Our objective is to cause zero harm; accidents, injuries and work related ill health are not inevitable and we are committed to continual improvement in our safety performance and our ultimate goal is ZERO INJURIES. Each employee and sub-contractor working on a site where the Company operates has a responsibility to carry out their work activities safely. The Company will provide sufficient training, information and guidance to enable employees and others to work in accordance with this Policy. To be effective, this Policy requires the involvement and full co-operation of everyone contributing to the achievement and maintenance of high standards through continuous improvements.
This Policy Statement, to be read in conjunction with the full Company Health and Safety Policy, is reviewed annually to reflect the Company’s continual awareness for, the improvement in and the promotion of the highest standards of occupational health, safety and welfare standards within the Company.

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