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Container Services Uk Ltd

09 - Mar - 2014

Container Services


Reporting and Damage Analysis


Reporting and Damage Analysis

  • Detailed report of repairs carried out, spares used.
  • Useful analysis of damage and repairs.
  • Written report identifying types of damage and likely causes.

Additional reports available:

  • Container by container repair report.
  • Periodic (annual, bi-annual, quarterly) analysis reports.
  • Container cleaning and repair tracking.


We guarantee the high quality of our work. If you, the customer feel we have fallen short of the high standards we set, we will put it right quickly and at no extra cost. We are members of the Guild of Mastercraftsmen which guarantees you, our customer a right of redress without the need to resort to costly court action, in the event that we fail to deliver the quality of work to which you are entitled.

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