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Container Services Uk Ltd

26 - Jun - 2014

Container Services

Wanted - Waste Containers

Metal & Plastic Waste Containers Wanted

old bins

Metal & Plastic Waste Containers Wanted

Have you got stocks of unused unwanted waste containers lying around, taking up valuable space and not earning you any money. Container Services UK Ltd are always looking for metal and plastic waste containers to buy for waste container refurbishment and resale

Have you got container spare parts such as lids and castors that don't fit your existing containers. Container Services UK Ltd also buy unwanted container spare parts.

Interested? Then call us on 01327 261665 or email us using the Contact page on this site.

Container Resale Service

If you have containers that we are unable to make you an offer for, or spares that we are unable to use in our container refurbishment operations, don't despair. Container Services UK Ltd will advertise your containers or spares FREE OF CHARGE on this site, and put interested parties in touch with you direct, or if you prefer act as an intermediary for you in the sale of your containers.

Submitted by CSL Newsdesk on Friday 28th October 2011

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