Repair & Refurbishment Services

Have you ever worked out the full cost of sending a crew out to collect a damaged bin and return it to the depot, to get the container emptied, cleaned and repaired and then to deliver it back to the customer.

 Why Demand A Quality Job

In the current difficult economic world we work in it is not enough to say “because it saves you money in the long term”. Nowadays there must be an immediate benefit which will impact positively on this year’s budget.

What Are The Results Of Going For The Cheapest Repair

Low cost repairs generally mean that the repairer is under a severe time constraint to finish the job in order to make money. This results in corners being cut in the repair process. Key areas on the container body, such as the areas of the front panel that are impacted by the lift, need close attention in terms of realignment, and robust welded repairs to steel. Inadequate repair work results in early failure, corrosion and container replacement.

Low cost repairs can also be achieved by using low cost spares. Key areas are lid fittings where savings can be made by using thin walled tubing for hinges and lightweight folded lid brackets. Susceptible to bending and twisting, use of these components are a major cause of lid failure, the most expensive item of replacement spare parts on the container.

One of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of a repair is to use low grade castors. Early failure of these cheap imports is the most common reason for a container to require collecting and replacing with another container at considerable cost to the waste service operator.

And when it comes to having a container resprayed it is possible to make significant savings by using cheap paint which was never formulated to adher to galvanised surfaces.

Waste Container Repair & Refurbishment Intervals

So just how long should a repaired or refurbished container be good for? Barring accidents or very severe duty, we would expect a container repaired or refurbished by ourselves to be good for at least five years service before needing further attention, and we regularly see containers we have refurbished coming in after much longer periods than that.

A low cost repair may not even see out the first month. Castor failure where the lightweight wheel or swivel housing cannot cope with the impact of lowering on the lift. Lids caught up in the lifting device because the lid fittings cannot cope with the weight of the lid.

And what are the costs of early failure?

The cost of collection and replacement

The cost of emptying the container

The cost of cleaning the container

The cost of further repair work

The cost of redelivering to a new customer when yet another container has failed.

And it’s all coming out of this year’s budget.

Have A Closer Look At Container Services UK Ltd

In the pages that follow you can see for yourself the care and attention to detail we take in effecting good repairs. And you can see for yourself the kind of quality and longevity we build into our refurbishments by fabricating or selecting good quality spare parts.

The good news is that the difference in cost between Container Services and the low cost repairers is only a few pounds. We achieve this by:-

– maintaining an extremely efficient high productivity low cost operation

– using properly trained skilled staff

– providing our staff with the equipment required to produce a high quality of workmanship

– focusing our own business expenditure on key areas

– minimising waste

We don’t expect you to pay a lot more.

We just want you to demand more for your money.

Have a closer look at Container Services UK Ltd